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Our Services

Corporate Events :

Corporate Events, could be of any type, whether it could be strictly and purely for business promotion or development concern or for a pleasure and credibility given by a company or corporation for their employees to meet, socialize, celebrate and get enjoyment. There could be many types of corporate events specifically designed or sponsored by a particular company like, Grand opening, Award Ceremonies, Holidays parties, Picnics of team building, Retirement Parties, Employees Recognition, Employee Appreciation, Business Promotional parties and Activities, Business Meetings, Product Launching activities, Exhibitions, Seminars, Fun and Trade Fairs, and much more in this concern.


A wedding which also called “Shaadi” in Urdu, is a legal ceremony to unite a man and a woman. Culturally, it is not a link between the wife and husband, but also an alliance between their respective families. Weddings are among the most important events in women’s lifetime, and every bride & groom want the perfect and thematic wedding ceremony to be performed with all important ingredients. Normally, Wedding or Shaadi is the bride’s reception, which formally takes place at bride’s home, where whole wedding setup is designed in a ground or nearest specious area. It has been in general nowadays, to hold this type of functions at banquet halls, weddings halls, restaurants or hotels. The bride’s family takes all these arrangement’s responsibilities for the reception and rest of services.

Travel & Tours:

a2z Events Solutions, do have one of its section with the name of a2z Worldwide Travel & Tours, which is particulized and professionally highly trained to provide best and most extreme services in Travels & Tours Sectors, either it could be traveling some where locally or internationally to any airport or destination, or it could be tours of any type, like business tours, holidays, hotels, family tours, religious tours, honey moon packages, hotel bookings, tours to hot destinations, and countries, like Tour to Dubai, Tour to Malaysia, Singapore, Thailand, Veit Nam, Visit to China, Hong Kong, Turkey, Visit to Egypt or any other European Countries, means what ever is your choice, a2z Worldwide Travels and Tours is one and Only Stop for better and quality services, reasonable packages and lowest rates. Just give us a call once and see how we show you the difference,

Catering Services :::

A2Z Events Solutions & Weddings Management Always keep on most focused and personally practiced, to ensure our wedding caterers meet the needs, standards, interests and quality of services of our valued client with variety of choices. A2Z Events & weddings, therefore, does have its own wide-range setup with well trusted, highly caliber and skilled team members, who do take care all these services personally to get the best of valued client’s satisfaction and objectives in real taste and right meanings, We are also associated with renowned caterers to get you the best of alternative options if our client does has this request. Our caterers are the choice of many prestigious clients and distinguished venues all over the country.


A2Z Luxury Transport & Rent A Car Services…

Welcome to A2Z Events Solution' Rent a Car and Luxury Transport Section, which is one of the best and leading brand name in the Industry, providing well organized and premium rental services to our valued Clients based in Lahore, Pakistan. We are providing transportation of all kind and rent a car services to companies from all professional sectors, like Corporate Offices, Educational Institutions, Hospitals, Hotels, Malls, Resorts, Consultants, Contractors, Factories, Engineering, and Other Leading organizations to transport of their customers, Clients, Students, Employees, Executive Members or Business Staff.